How I Got My Tween to Eat (and love) SPINACH!
How I got my Tween to eat Spinach - I made Meatloaf!

Yes, you read that right M-E-A-T-L-O-A-F.

Several years ago I struggled to get my son to eat veggies - other than peas and corn. To him, broccoli smelled like 'stinky feet' and you could forget about getting him to try spinach. I had to figure something out in order to get better veggies into him.

Luckily, I found this great Turkey Mini Meatloaf recipe and I was able to 'sneak in' Spinach. Not only did my son eat those mini meatloaves but even said, "WOW, that was good. I couldn't even taste the spinach!" 

Can you say WINNER?!?!? 

Are you ready to get a variety of veggies into your picky eaters?

Let me share this easy recipe that will get even your pickiest eater to LOVE EATING SPINACH!

This recipe came from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook as seen on their Lifetime TV show. I have adapted their recipe to add in more nutrients and antioxidants which is even better for you and your family!

Happy Eating!

Want the cookbook? CLICK HERE

Want this recipe? CLICK HERE

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