Are You Out of Order?

While preparing for a Facebook LIVE, I decided I’d better clean up a little bit before going LIVE. I mean, after all, I’m inviting people into my home so I thought it should look nice.


As I am cleaning the bathroom (yes, I was doing a FB LIVE in the bathroom...LOL), I realized after I had cleaned the mirror, countertop, sink, shower, toilet and vacuumed the floor, I had not cleaned the light fixtures. Instead of letting it go or waiting until next time I decided to go ahead and clean the lights. What happened? The caked on dust (yeah, it had been a while since they were cleaned) fell onto the newly cleaned countertop & sink.


I was out of order! 


I “should have” cleaned the lights first then worked my way down. What happened next? Before I cleaned one more thing, I went on a light cleaning spree. I didn’t want to be out of order again and I didn’t want to do double the work.


The very next light fixture I cleaned were the three glass canister lights on the ceiling fan in my living room. Got the first one done, no problems; but, when I started cleaning the second glass canister I realized it was NOT SECURE at all. I quickly cleaned the glass and tightened the screws simultaneously. I was so glad that I had been out of order AND that I had not put off cleaning those lights until “next time”.


If I hadn’t been out of order and if I hadn’t persevered to clean those lights even though I knew it would mean extra work, there might have been a broken glass canister all over my living room floor. Even worse, someone might have been sitting under that light when it fell and been hurt.


Being out of order and not putting it off until “next time” prevented a disaster in my home!


What have you done ‘out of order’ that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?

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