What’s the one question you must ask yourself?

How many times have you seen professional athletes, particularly Olympians, close their eyes before their event and start moving their arms, legs, and body as if their event had already begun? That is called visualization. They have trained tirelessly for this moment and they are ready. But, they want to be the best so they close their eyes and visualize the exact moves they need to make to have the most successful outcome. They see themselves not only participating in their event but they visualize winning the event.

How many times do you visualize yourself winning in life or in your business? Do you have a clear picture of what that looks like or what it takes to get there? I think for many of us, we are too caught up in our day-to-day activities to stop and take time to visualize those things.

You can spend hours, if not days doing visualization exercises, and I believe that is a valuable process but, before you begin, I want you to ask yourself this one question:

What’s your end game? 

When you think of the ‘end’ whether that is the end of your business or the end of your life (yikes, who really wants to think about that - but, you need to), what do you want to have accomplished? What legacy do you want to leave behind - for your family, for your business, for your community? Start with the end in mind then work backward from there to create the life and business you want.

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