Stay Calm I've Got a Plan - Part 2

"Dawn helped me clarify my vision for my whole life - not just business. Then {she} gave me a valuable way to to make that vision a reality.” ~Lin


When looking at your goals and plans, what's your vision?

Are you only thinking about your business? If so, you are leaving out very important aspects of your life like....

When planning out your business strategy, remember to include other areas of your personal life because they are all connected. Think about it, without you there would be no business; and, without your business, you wouldn't have the financial ability to spend quality time with your family doing the things that you want to do with them (or just doing things for yourself you've always wanted to do). It's all connected!

But, as promised, here are the next two tips to help you strategize a winning game plan for your business.

Tip #3

  • Visualization - This one is a little different from the other tips in my last blog. One way to create a winning game plan is to visualize your success! Imagine yourself being the person you are striving to be and having the things you are working so hard for as if you are that person right now. Imagine celebrating your achievements with your family and friends. Imagine living and breathing in that space of "I've arrived". Studies show that the same part of your brain is activated when you visualize an activity or when you are actually participating in that activity - it doesn't know the difference. Visualize what you want to achieve and believe it is possible. Just remember to take doable action daily to get you closer to achieving that vision.

Tip #4

  • Be Crystal Clear - Touch base regularly with yourself, your team and your family about your short-term and long-term goals. Be sure your goals have clear deadlines and are in alignment with your values and your overall objectives. Having crystal clear goals that are doable and easy to measure will help you stay on track and allow you to see your accomplishments. Hey, I don't know about you but I LOVE checking things off my to-do list that I know moved the needle in my business and are getting me closer to the things I want to accomplish.

If you are having trouble visualizing yourself in that place of success (whatever success means to you), try some visualization exercises, meditation or prayer. These things have definitely helped me 'see' where I want to go.

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