What you tell yourself matters!

What you tell yourself matters!

Last week I shared about the importance of having a good attitude, especially in hard times like we are experiencing now. This week I want to highlight the importance of using encouraging self-talk because it is a life-changer!


We all have inner dialogue and sometimes we say nice things to ourselves, but other times we say not so nice things. Your inner dialogue reveals your true thoughts, feelings, and what you believe about yourself. In my experience, saying kind things to yourself benefits you more than the opposite.


Often, people that use encouraging self-dialogue are able to solve problems and be more efficient at coping with challenges and hardships. It’s also proven to lessen stress and anxiety.


Obviously, this process does not happen overnight, it takes some practice. The first step would be to identify your thought patterns and how you address yourself. Oftentimes you can turn a discouraging thought into an encouraging one! For example, thinking to yourself, “I’ve never done this before, I know I’m going to be bad at it” is not going to produce your best work. Instead, a more encouraging thought would be, “This is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn something new and grow!”.


There have been times when I have stopped midday to do a self-evaluation to make sure that I am speaking to myself as if I am a friend and not an enemy. I give myself positive affirmation when I do a great job on something, I make sure to tell myself how fantastic I did. I like to put up encouraging notes and signs in my workspace to look at throughout the day for some extra support.


Talking to yourself as if you’re your friend has the potential to improve your outlook on life and can improve your quality of life. This is not something that is going to change overnight, it takes lots and lots of practice. The first step is just being aware of the things you’re saying to yourself. This process takes time but I promise you it is so worth it. I have seen the effects of practicing this in my personal and professional life, it pays off!

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