May the Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth Be With You!

First of all, May the Fourth be with you! 

In case you aren't 'hip' to this phrase, this is a Star Wars reference and, growing up watching these movies when they originally came out, I’d highly recommend watching them if you haven’t already. 

There is such such great wisdom and amazing life lessons seeded throughout each and every movie in the Star Wars series.

‘The Force’ is a mysterious energy that binds the galaxy together. Harnessing its power gives each person or creature different abilities and powers - some are used for good and some for darkness.

When I think about 'The Force', I picture this scene where young Luke Skywalker has his training helmet on (which renders him completely blind) and he has his light saber drawn and ready to block the lasers from a floating orb that is shooting at him. 

He has to "feel the Force" to know when and where those lasers will be aiming at him in order to block them.

Tapping into 'The Force' means using your intuition to guide you to make the right decision.

How often do you get those little nudges about doing something and dismiss it?

It happens to all of us! We feel something in our spirit guiding us to do something but we ignore it because it may seem silly or impossible - especially when it comes to business.

Instead of dismissing those nudges the next time they pop up, take some time out to get still and tap into your intuition to see why they have come up and what you need to do in order to honor them.

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This community was built to help women who tend to dismiss those nudges (or overthink them, which leads to overwhelm and feeling stuck) and helps them tap into their intuition, stop overthinking, start doing and get dynamic results!

Friend, It's hard to get dynamic results if you keep pushing down, or ignoring your intuition! I can help with that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remember YOU have 'The Force' within you to accomplish great things. It's time to give yourself permission to listen and take action!

May Fourth be with YOU!

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