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Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me.

I’m a gal who loves to laugh, watch great movies, sing (off key...lol) and dance with rhythm (this is where I make up for singing off key).  ;-)

I enjoy meeting up with friends for a walk in nature, to share a meal or just hang out and chat.

I love to travel - especially anywhere with a beach, and enjoy spending time with my son.

Nice to meet you!

A Little About Me

Risk-taker. Determined. Adventurous.

These are words that describe my childhood. When I was a little girl, my mom put me in my crib, went into another room and called her mother to chat. Within minutes, I was standing next to my mom. I had climbed out of the crib! I was determined to get out of that crib even if it meant the risk of falling and hurting myself. The reward of adventure was too great to let anything stop me.

Loyal. Safe. Secure.

These are words that describe most of my career. Life threw me some curve balls, as it tends to do, and I found myself seeking security and safety in my careers. I was loyal to the companies who hired me even when I was given opportunities to grow. I wasn’t as brave as I was in my childhood to take risks to see what adventures were on the other side – even if it meant something greater was waiting for me. I needed to feel safe and secure. So, I settled.

Adventurous. Risk-taker. Determined.

After a lifetime of safety, security, loyalty, raising a son to adulthood and losing my mother due to an undiagnosed brain tumer, I am going back to my roots! I am once again taking risks, seeking adventure and am very determined to pursue my next journey. Along this journey, I have vowed to myself to take calculated (yet scary) risks, learn, grow and surround myself with amazing women who are looking to do the same. No woman left behind!!


My Values & Beliefs
Financial Freedom

My Definition: having peace of mind knowing I am financially free - able to cover all expenses with ease, enjoy life on my terms and be a CHEERFUL GIVER! 

(2 Corinthians 9:6-7)  

As a woman, financial freedom and security is extremely important! As women, it is in our best interest to be self-sufficient and not be dependent on others financially.  I SO believe in the saying, "A man is not a financial plan!"

The harsh reality is that women who are financially dependent on others struggle with low self-esteem and rarely feel confident stepping out of their comfort zone because they don't believe in their own abilities. It is time for us to feel secure in our own abilities and live our best life!

Location Freedom

My Definition: freedom to live, work and play from anywhere in the world! 

(1 Chronicles 4:10) 

Even though I don’t have one stamp in my passport, it’s only because my travel outside the country happened prior to 9/11 and my destinations didn’t require a passport at that time. 

My desire is to live, work and play from anywhere in the world. 

SOOOO....passport stamps are definitely in my near future! 

I'm ready!!


Authority Over My Life

My Definition: having authority over my life means making difficult decisions with ease and being obedient to the things I set out to do in life and in business! 

(Deuteronomy 28:1) 

As a former overthinker, going with the flow has been something I have had to overcome.

For far too long I allowed others to have authority over my life instead of taking charge and living life on my terms.

Instead of waiting on others to tell me what to do, or relying on others to show me what or how to do the things I really want to do, I am now taking authority over my life and living it on my terms!


What About You?
Do you know what your Values are?
Are you living in alignment with those values or are you still compromising?
Either way, I'd love to know!