Do you back up your data? Even off the Cloud? If not, you might consider getting this little gizmo right here. 

This is a light weight external hard drive with plenty of memory to store your files, videos, etc.

Right now, it comes with 1 year Mylio Create and Months Adobe CC Photography. 
(subject to change)

Logitech Webcam 

I use this camera on the daily!! All you need to do with this one is plug it into your computer's USB port.

The first time you plug it in you might get a pop up from Logitech to download the driver(s). If that doesn't automatically pop up and you have difficulty connecting this little gem, you can just go to click on 'DOWNLOADS' then 'CAMERA SETTINGS' and should automatically detect which type of operating system you have. Once there, just click 'DOWNLOAD' and you should be good to go!


KIMAFUN Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This is what I bought a while back and use it everyday for my Facebook Live Videos.

I have used this with my Android phone and my iPad. It comes in a case that makes it easy to pack up and transport if you need to take it on the road to any speaking engagements.

It holds a super long charge too.

When I was looking this up for this article, I found some other really cool stuff from KIMAFUN that I'm excited to try out. Check those out below!

KIMAFUN FITNESS Wireless WATERPROOF Headset Microphone

Check out this wireless, waterproof headset microphone from KIMAFUN!

If I had seen this one originally, I would have TOTALLY bought it. ;-)

This looks very easy to use and is less obtrusive, in my opinion, than the wireless lavalier. 

I can't wait to try it out BUT, I'm sure since it's from KIMAFUN, the quality and ease of use will be just as good, if not better than my wireless lavalier.

LimoStudio Umbrella Lighting Kit

Have you ever been at your computer doing your LIVE video and noticed dark shadows being cast on or around your face?

Without proper lighting, you can look dull on video.

My son actually bought this lighting kit years ago when he was in high school. He and some friends of his were going to start recording a podcast together so they needed lighting. Well, needless to say, that was short lived but, lucky for me, these lights are long-lasting!!

At the time I has no use for them but kept them anyway and boy am I glad I did!

Since jumping out and starting my own business, these lights have been amazing. I have not had to change either bulb yet and have been using them for several years now. I like the fact that they are easy to set up and transport when I need to take the show on the road. ;-)

If you are looking to set up your very own home studio, I would highly recommend these lights.

FugeTek Bluetooth Tripod


This was a gift from my son. When I told him I needed a way to remotely start my video on my Android while speaking, he found this.

It has its own Bluetooth clicker attached to the base of this tripod. All you do is charge it up, turn it on and pair it with your device (it is compatible with Android or Apple).

When you are ready to start recording or taking pics (yes, even selfies), just click the cute little camera button and it either starts recording or takes the picture. Super duper easy!

The tripod is non-skid and extends up to 51". I also use it compressed (as in the picture to the left) on my desk when filming my Facebook LIVES!

The products mentioned above have affiliate links for you to click to purchase the item. What that means is that I will get a small kickback from your purchase (no extra cost to you!). Thanks for supporting me and my small business! #jovistrategies