An Intimate, Small Group Coaching Program
Designed Just For YOU!

Here's What's Included:
Small Group Coaching
Are you feeling a little lost in the big group coaching programs?

I get it!
In my coaching program, you will be seen and be heard! My small, intimate group coaching program is limited to a maximum of 20 people per group. You will NOT be one of thousands, not even hundreds.

You will be part of the TEAM in The Doers Dugout.
Who Is This For?
  • Highly Motivated Female Entrepreneurs
  • Overthinkers Turned Doers (yes, friend, that's are here to be a Doer!)
  • Women Wanting to Be Seen & Heard in a Small Group setting
  • Women Who Are Ready to take Consistent & Intentional ACTION!
FINALLY...a Small Group Coaching Program
(This price for a group coaching program this size is absolutely unheard of in the Coaching industry.)

You have helped me focus on ONE GOAL at a time. When that happens, I can master it so much easier!   ~K.P.

How it relates:  This speaks to the overwhelm you may be feeling right now because you’re trying to do too many things at once. We’ll address that in this 5-day challenge.

I’m moving forward 1-inch at a time.   ~Karen

How it relates:  I realize we all want to be “THERE” today (wherever there is for you). But the reality is that, most of the time, building a business is like cooking with a crockpot versus a microwave. Even though we want instant results, we need to be mindful that what we are building takes time.

Wow, Dawn, without you who else would tell me I’m doing a good job!   ~Arlene

How it relates:  This speaks to the loneliness factor of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. In my small, yet mighty groups, you don't have to go it alone!

If you'd like to see other testimonials, head on over to my YouTube Channel.


Weekly Team Lineup in The Doers Dugout

  • Map It Out Monday:  Get your weekly plan in place so you can start off the week with purpose and intention.
  • Tech Tip Tuesday:  Get your tech questions answered.
  • Wisdom Wednesday (Inner Circle Coaching):  Small Group Coaching (Max 20 Fabulous Female Entrepreneurs per group).
  • Thrive On Thursday (Group Power Hour):  Power Hours are AMAZING motivational tools to help you stay focused and grow your business!
  • Freedom Friday (Vision-Casting Sessions):  Remembering and Manifesting Your WHY!

Stop Overthinking & Start Doing.

If your answer is 'YES'....whether it is a hearty "YAAASSSS" or a somewhat defeated "yes"......

I've got you!

When you join The Doers Dugout, you are joining a team of Doers led by me, your Coach! In this small yet mighty group coaching program I will show you how to stop the cycle of overthinking and help you to start taking consistent, intentional action that will actually get you the results you so desperately want!
Ready To Stop Overthinking and Start Doing?

If any of this sounds EXACTLY  like what you need right now, I want to invite you to be a part of the TEAM!