The Doers Dugout  

An Intimate, Small Group Coaching Program
Designed Just For YOU!

Are you feeling a little lost in the big group coaching programs?

I get it!

It's hard to be seen and heard in those larger groups which becomes frustrating especially when you are working so hard to accomplish so much. You just want answers to your specific questions. 

Am I right?

In this small group coaching program, you will be seen and heard! 

The Doers Dugout is a small, intimate group coaching program limited to a maximum of 20 people per group. 
You will NOT be one of thousands.

You will be part of the TEAM in The Doers Dugout.


Who Is This For?

Women who...
  • know they are entrepreneurs or think they might be
  • aren't sure if they are an entrepreneur but know they want to make extra money
  • are Highly Motivated and Highly Driven yet need help creating a plan of action
  • have so many great ideas but are having trouble staying focused
  • tend to overthink things like:
    • what to do first
    • what to do next
    • if they are making the right decision
    • if they are capable
    • if they are worthy
Women who think things like...
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I succeed?
  • Am I smart enough to do this?
  • Who am I? 
  • I don't have the skills it takes to run a business.
  • I'm not "techie" or tech savvy.
  • I don't have enough education or experience.
Women who...
  • are tired of playing small (even though they might be scared).
  • want to be seen & heard in a small group setting
  • are ready to Stop Overthinking and Start Doing!
  • are ready to take Consistent & Intentional ACTION!
Don't Worry, Friend...I've Got You!


What You Get



A Small Group Coaching Program Designed
Just For You!


What's the Investment?

For ONLY $147 per month you get...
individualized coaching in a small group setting.

That is less than $19 per session!!!

Friend, this price is absolutely unheard of in the Coaching industry - 
especially for a group coaching program this size.

You definitely will want to take advantage of this low pricing before it goes up.
Don't miss out!

How Do I Join?

Join TODAY by clicking the button right here

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Friend, isn't is time to....
Stop Overthinking, Start Doing & Get DYNAMIC RESULTS?

If your answer is 'YES'....whether it is a hearty "YAAASSSS" or a somewhat defeated "yes".....

I've got you!

When you join The Doers Dugout, you are joining a team of Doers led by me, your Coach! In this small yet mighty group coaching program I will show you how to stop the cycle of overthinking and start taking consistent, intentional and doable action that will help you get those DYNAMIC RESULTS you've been wanting for so long!

If this sounds EXACTLY  like what you need right now, I want to invite you to be a part of the TEAM!

Still Got Questions?
No Worries.